#1: Doctor Zippy. Very first podcast ever! Featuring music by Yo La Tengo and Beirut, and special guest reader – Bonny Wee Laddy.  Unavailable.




#2 AIDS Balloons. Features a reading of the Instant Book “AIDS Balloons” with new bonus features: “a Date with Singing”, a Peter Bjorn and John tune, and special guest – Mystereo – sings a song she wrote about eyeballs. Enjoy.



#3 Asshairs + Fucking in Beds. This sucker’s packed with sexy content. Featuring two sex-laden Instant Books readings (Asshairs + Fucking in Beds), the introduction of 3 super sexy story tellers from the Tonya Harding Fantasy site, and loads of music including stuff from the Kills, Cat Power, Air, Peaches and DJ Click Clack Pick Pack Wick Wack Paddy Whack Nick.


tape#4A Birthday Blog Musical Mixtape – Side 1. In celebration of the blog’s one year anniversary a mixtape was born. Composed of some of the best melancholic songs paired with Instant Books over the past 12 months. Track listing here.


tape_0004#4B Birthday Blog Music Mixtape – Side 2. There’s two sides to every tape. 45 mins of pure Bflat goodness.




#5 Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Blog. A nice little mix of blog songs plus the blog itself speaks his mind for the first time in Instant Books Are Your Future history! Track listing here.




#6 Podcast Pals! – Stories from Instant Books and from the mouths of some of my finest story-telling pals. Nearly 2 hours worth of talk, tork, and tark. 🙂



#7 Year 3 in the Bag! it’s been 3 full years of making all this fart. 3 years! On this podcast my niece and I interview the 3-year-old Instant Books Are Your Future, plus you’ll hear many celebratory wishes from many celebrity pals! Don’t forget, this is also a mixed tape. So stick around for the songs part.  They’re nice ones from seasons passed. Track listing available here.


#8 – 4 years old – A celebratory mixtape. This one is especially sent out to the father of my baby, Mr. Josh Holinaty. Tracklisting available here.


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  1. nads,

    i love love love it. my other half did too. he thinks you are really funny. odd how girls find you sad and boys find you funny, huh? do another one! xo

  2. nads,

    number two is good. except the frail child’s voice was not believeable. i didn’t like that weird voice. however, i did very much enjoy mystereo’s song. lovely lovely voice.

  3. nadina,

    i can’t believe i never responded to this. tom petty’s voice isn’t like that. what is wrong with your ears?

    • mattprins,

      That was the day Billy Bob Thorton compared himself to Tom Petty. It would’ve made more sense if you read the reply in the immediacy of it all.


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