I really love music. I love music so much, I’ve needlessly jammed it into my blog. Every story (mostly every story) has a song to go with it. Just like how everything you do in life has a song for that part. Remember when you were on a water slide listening to Chumba Wumba? I do.

You can download these songs by doing 1) THE RIGHT CLICK on the song name and then 2) THE SAVE LINK AS. Or just listen to it with a left click.

Aaronson, Irving:

Let’s Misbehave paired with Escaping is Hard.

ABBA/Mighty Mouse:

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! edit paired with My Pal Josh and My Pal G part 3.

Adams, Ryan:

“Damn, Sam” paired with “Wet Rainy Forest Day.”

Animal Collective:

Good Lovin Outside” paired with Montreal Stick-Up.


“First Kiss” paired with First Kiss.

“Beautiful Earthling” paired with Omar and Janae and Love and Me and Tits.

Apostle of Hustle:

“Gleaning” paired with Sylvie Can’t Speak.

Arab Strap:

“The First Big Weekend” paired with Your Head’s Not British!

Ariel Pink:

“Oceans of Weep” paired with You Make Me Cry Inside.

Arrested Development:

“Praisin’ U” paired with (IHEART)U

Astaire, Fred:

“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” paired with Mouse Vs. Man (pt.2)

Atlas Sound:

“Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel” paired with the Chore Diary.


“Lose It” paired with Notes of Interest.

Avett Brothers:

“January Wedding” paired with the end of Never All Together.

Badly Drawn Boy:

“Cause A Rockslide.” Paired with I’m Going to Try Again.

Band of Horses:

“Weed Party.” Paired with There Will Be A New Year Tomorrow -2009-

Banhart, Devendra:

“Hows About Tellin A Story.” Paired with Unwanted Shtoriesh.

The Beach Boys:

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” Paired with Carlo Zoratti’s Smile.

“Feel Flows” paired with Q6 Mobile.

Beach House:

“Some Things Last a Long Time” paired with A Chapter.

The Beatles:

“Why Don’t We Do It In the Road.” Paired with Heartbreak at the Red Light.

“All Together Now” paired with Alphabooks Are Our Future.


“He’s a Mighty Good Leader.” Paired with Talking With Mike.

“All in Your Mind” paired with Twice in One Day.

“Your Love is Weird” paired with Edmonton. My Boyfriend.

Beck, Feist, Wilco, and Jamie Lidell:

“Weighted Down” paired with That Guy Again.


“Postcards From Italy.” Paired with Doctor Mowat.

Belle and Sebastian:

“Night Walk” paired with Babysitting Funzies.

Bern, Dan:

“Cure For AIDS.” Paired with AIDS Balloons.

Berry, Chuck:

“Goodnight, Well It’s Time to Go.” Paired with F A B R I C A N T E.

Beta Band:

“Gone” paired with Memories of Loss Episode 1.

Bieber/Blind Melon:

Rain Time paired with Move Over.


“It’s in Our Hands” paired with A History of Jerking

Black Mountain:

Night Walks.” Paired with Look At The Moon.

Bondy, A.A.:

“Killed Myself When I Was Young” paired with Today is Feeling Like Lots of Others.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy:

“My Life’s Work.” Paired with Mockery: The Response to Genuine Concern for the World.

“I Don’t Belong to Anyone” paired with Actual Quotes from 2011…

Bossan, Enrico:

lectures you. Paired with Colors 70.5 – Understanding.

Bowie, David:

“Heroes.” Paired with Mental Hospital.

Bowlly, Al with the Ray Noble Orchestra:

“The Very Thought of You.” Paired with Scritchies In an Ideas-Book.

Bridges, Jeff :

“Brand New Angel.” Paired with She’s My Dead One.

Bright Eyes:

“First Day of My Life” paired with The 10 Year Journaling Redux Project.

Broken Social Scene:

“Lover’s Spit.” Paired with Sharing Over Snacktime.

Buckley, Jeff:

“Hallelujah.” Paired with Case Test Cocksucker!


“Warewolves.” Paired with Faceook Tells Us Who Has What.

Built to Spill:

“Hindsight” paired with Never All Together.

The Burning Hell:

“It Happens In Florida.” Paired with Malthusian Celebrities.

The Byrds:

Life in Prison paired with At Work Today…

Byrd, Donald:

Cristo Redentor paired with What Happen? v1.1

C + C Music Factory:

“Just a Touch of Love” paired with Instant Books Are Your Future Fanmail.


“Tres Avisos” paired with Naked Revenge.

Campbell, Isobel & Lanegan, Mark:

“Do You Wanna Come Walk With Me?” Paired with Join the Team.

The Caretaker:

“Libet’s Day” paired with New Love.

Case, Neko:

“I Am an Animal,” paired with Death to the Vulture pt.1.

“Pretty Girls,” paired with Death to the Vulture pt.2, and ,

“Hold On, Hold On,” paired with Death to the Vulture pt.3

Cat Power:

“Salty Dog.” Paired with IBS#3 – Marty, James, Me and Hotrods.

“Naked If I Want To” paired with Penis Check.


“Shame.” Paired with “No Time, It’s Past the Expiry Date.”

Cline, Patsy:

“Walkin’ After Midnight” paired with X – Extra Credit: Mathematics.

Cocker, Joe:

With a Little Help From My Friends paired with Alphabooks Series 3.

Cohen, Leonard:

Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On paired with Journal #10: September 26, 2005

Common Market:

“Tobacco Road.” Paired with Memories of Smoking.

The Concretes:

“Warm Night” paired with “That’s an Instant Book.”


“Time Can Be Overcome.” Paired with Getting Normal.

Conte, Paolo:

“Onda Su Onda” paired with Cazzo, Matt.

Cooke, Sam:

“Lost and Lookin’.” Paired with Most People Are Not Dogs.


Thunder paired with Positive Feedback.

Cotton, Carolina:

“Mockingbird Yodel.” Paired with You Can Yodel! You Can Cry!

Croce, Jim:

“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” paired with Dad’s Truck.

Crosby, Bing and the Andrews Sisters:

“Don’t Fence Me In.” Paired with the Future is Now.

Cruise, Julle:

The Mysteries of Love paired with Matt and Jubjub in San Francisco.

Death Cab for Cutie:

Dream Scream paired with Yours, Jen.


“Merry Barracks” paired with That’s My Ray-Ban!


“Agoraphobia.” Paired with Caffeine and Butterflies.

Desert Sessions:

I Wanna Make It Wit Chu paired with Instant Books Workshop.

The Devil Makes Three:

“River Deep.” Paired with Et Tu Catherine.

Dillon, Phyllis:

“You Are Like Heaven to Me.” Paired with White.

The Donkeys:

“Bye Bye Baby.” Paired with Curse of the Afternoon.

Duvall, Shelly:

“He Needs Me” paired with My Buddy Calls Out.

Dylan, Bob:

“We Better Talk This Over.” Paired with Cellular Shtories.

“Honey, Just Allow Me One More” is paired with Bazoombas

“Tomorrow Night” is paired with The Best Memory.

Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros:

“Home” paired with Homes (Update).


Living Life paired with My Mom and Me Talk About Me


“Fugue in D Minor.” Paired with Instant Books Are Typically 2/5 a Lysol Spray Bottle.

Emerson, Donnie and Joe:

 Give me the Chance paired with the Last Time

Explosions in the Sky:

“What Do You Go Home To” paired with Hard to Miss You.


“Maidirt Anseek(Zaaly Tawal)” paired with Mother Land.


“It’s a Bit of a Pain” paired with My Toes.

The Fembots:

“A Million Dead End Jobs.” Paired with Curriculum Vitae.

Fitzgerald, Ella and the Ink Spots:

“Into Each Heart Some Rain Must Fall.” Paired with Cry Boy.

Fleet Foxes:

“White Winter Hymnal.” Paired with We Met in the Winter.

Fleetwood Mac:

“Second Hand News” paired with In the News.

The Fleetwoods:

“Come Softly to Me.” Paired with Dem Poor Dinks.

Flight Facilities:

“Crave You” paired with Do Epic Shit.

Foster the People:

“Pumped Up Kicks” paired with Perfect Message.

Fry, Robin:

“Ogre Beach” paired with Obscene.

Gainsbourg, Serge:

“Comic Strip.” Paired with Joséphine.

Gallo, Vincent:

“A Somewhere Place.” Paired with Mouse Vs Cottonball.

Gershwin, George:

“Rhapsody in Blue.” Paired with Monologue in Blue.

Giant Sand:

“Spiral.” Paired with Those Who Suit Smoking.


“Ghost Mouth” paired with The Mystery of the Hedge Ghost Woman.

“Lauren Marie” paired with Notes of Interest.

Girls Names:

“Nothing More to Say” paired with What Happen?

Gray, Barry:

“Fireball XL-5” paired with Rare Moment.

Great Lake Swimmers:

“I Am Part of a Large Family.” Paired with IBS#3 – Family is Dumb.


“Vowels = space and time” paired with Christmas Can.

Guthrie, Woody:

“I Ain’t Got No Home.” Paired with Light Rail Transit.

Haines, Emily and the Soft Skeleton:

“Doctor Blind.” Paired with G.


“Woody” is paired with IBS #5 – Cats Issue.

The Hidden Cameras:

“Breathe On It.” Paired with Valentine’s Horror.

Hot Chip:

“I Can’t Wake Up.” Paired with Hairyfaced Birdy Has the Feelbads.

Hull, Valerie and Evrett:

“Foreign Policy.” Paired with The Illuminati and Me.

Husky Rescue:

“Sweet Little Kitten.” Paired with Mouse Vs Fluffo.

Iron & Wine:

“Upward Over the Mountain” paired with A Mother Knows.

J Dilla:

“Lightworks” paired with Portraits of the Laser Teethed.

James, Etta:

“Almost Persuaded.” Paired with Luca, Like a Lot of Men, and Pia, Like a Lot of Women.

James, Bob:

Angela (Theme from Taxi) paired with Amir-Jujhar

James, Jim and Ward, Matt:

Look at You” from the Newport Folk Festival. Paired with My 1st G Trip.

Johnston, Daniel:

“The Sun Shines Down on Me.” Paired with We Re-Met in the Spring.

“Some Things Last a Long Time” paired with Notes of Interest.

“McDonalds On the Brain” paired with Burger Town.

“Worried Shoes” paired with You’ll Like This.

Jurado, Damien and Swift, Richard:

“Be Not So Fearful” paired with My Buddy Helps Me Out.

Kessel, Barney:

“Honey Rock” is paired with Honey.

King Khan and the BBQ Show:

“Fish Fight” paired with Facebook + Longdistance Relationship

Kinhal, Veena:

“Haratanaya Sree” paired with Juliana Loh’s Indian Instant Book Tales.

The Kinks:

“This Time Tomorrow” paired with Old Lady and the New Gizmo.


“Game of Thrones” paired with 3 Quick Ones from the Bison.

The Langley Schools Music Project:

“Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.” Paired with Space Vacation.

LCD Soundsystem:

“All I Want” paired with Different Sorts of Beds For Us.

Le Bon, Cate:

Time Could Change Your Mind paired with Matt Prins in Seattle

Lekman, Jens:

“Psychogirl” and “Someone to Share My Life With” paired with Homemade Valentine’s Cards.

Lewis, Jeffrey:

“Alphabet” paired with Alphabooks Series 2 ‘Bout to Start Up.

Lewis, Jenny:

“Acid Tongue.” Paired with t-shirt.

Little Dragon:

“Never Never” is paired with Coming Back Stories: I ❤ Jeffrey Brown

Little Joy:

“How To Hang a Warhol” paired with Bloop!

Love of Everything:

“Fear of Missing Out” paired with I Mustn’t Use Words Anymore.


“Cue the Strings” paired with Piss Bag.

“Nothing But Heart” paired with I’m almost entirely all heart.

Ly, Khánh & Trịnh Công Sơn:

Goi Ten Bon Mua paired with Jenn&Pila&Fanny&Matt.

Lykke Li:

“Youth Knows No Pain” paired with Dorito Throat.

Machuca Cumbia:

“More Than a Woman” paired with I Might Go to Punta Cana.

The Magnetic Fields:

If You Don’t Cry paired with Journal #7

A Pretty Girl is Like paired with Girls Are Dumb and Pretty – Instant Books Issue 4

The Mamas and the Papas:

“Glad to Be Unhappy” paired with Avenue of Nations.


“No Condition is Permanent” paired with Redneck Ignoramus.

Fictional character Marshall, James:

“You and I.” Paired with Serial Rapist.

Martinez, Antonio Eugenio:

“Volver, Volver.” Paired with Tacos!

Martsch, Doug:

“Impossible.” Paired with Would You Stop It?

Mascis, J:

“I’ve Been Thinking” paired with The General Story of My Brother (and I)

Mason, Willy:

“Gotta Keep Walkin” Paired with Neat Postal Sightings.

Mazzy Star:

“Blue Light” paired with Notes of Interest.

Look on Down From the Bridge paired with The Long Trip.

Memphis Slim:

“I’ll Just Keep on Singin’ the Blues.” Paired with L.A.R.Pers Everywhere.


“The Youth.” Paired with Ass Hairs.

The Microphones:

“I Felt Your Shape” paired with Weird Nips.

The Mills Brothers:

“You Always Hurt the One You Love” paired with I’m Carrying This Around.

The Mindbenders:

“Groovy Kind of Love.” Paired with Facebook is For Creeps and Beautiful Women.

Modest Mouse:

“Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset,” paired with Hopefulness is a Logic Killer.

“Blame It On the Tetons,” paired with A Gift For Gosia.

Mojave 3:

“Hard to Miss You” paired with Hard to Miss You.

The Moldy Peaches:

“Little Bunny Foo Foo.” Paired with Rabbit Works the Night Shift.

Morricone, Ennio:

“Theme From a Fistful of Dollars.” Paired with El Original PORKI.

“Ad Ogni Costo” is paired with NYC *Hic*

Morrison, Van:

“Everyone” paired with Everyone May Kiss.

“And it Stoned Me” paired with Journal #11.

The Mountain Goats:

“Mole” paired with Sweet Hangy Ball.

McCullough, Bruce:

“When You’re Fat” paired with Every Time.

Murdoch, Alexi:

“Some Day Soon.” Paired with Dan.

Nada Surf:

Bad Best Friend” paired with Friends Don’t Last.

Nastasia, Nina:

“The Body.” Paired with IBS4 – Girl Spaces.

The National:

“Slow Show.” Paired with Fucking in Beds.

Nelson, Willie:

“Whiskey River.” Paired with Obliterate Yourself.

Neutral Milk Hotel:

“Oh, Comely” paired with Journal #3: Sept. 09, 2001

The New Pornographers:

“Testament to Youth in Verse.” Paired with Rosario Dawson Makes the Cut.

Nilsson, Harry:

“Gotta Get Up” paired with Klint.

Noah and the Whale:

“Second Lover.” Paired with Pretending You’re My Girl.

Of Montreal:

“Every Day Feels Like Sunday.” Paired with We Would Be So Happy.

Objecktiv One:

“This is How We Do It” Montell Jordan Vs. Hubert Laws paired with How You Do It.

Okkervil River:

“Lost Coastlines.” Paired with Your Polaroids R Mine.

Old Reliable:

“Lightning Fast.” Paired with Softy’s Purpose.

Orbison, Roy:

“Dream.” Paired with Some Regrets.

Orchestra Marimba Chiapas:

“Guadalajara” paired with Journal #5: May 4, 2002


“Luck” paired with 3 Different Times That Somehow Feel the Same.

“Air” paired with How To Say No Without Having to Say No.

Parker, Ken:

“Count Your Blessings” paired with More of the Same.

Parker, Ray Jr.:

“Ghostbusters (Streetlife DJs Mix)” paired with Matt Prins! and the Real Ghostbusters.


“Here” paired with Journal #2: January 6, 2001.


“The Cricket Song” paired with Vast Cat.

The Pharcyde:

“Oh Shit” Paired with Tale of Two Shitties.


“Wolves” and “Pride” are paired with Cry Boy in Europe!

Pink Mountaintops:

“Outside Love.” Paired with The Faces of Passers-By.

The Pixies:

“Stormy Weather.” Paired with One Day on Saskatchewan Drive.

Plaskett, Joel:

“New Scotland Blues.” Paired with I’m Going to Become Octopus.

Polisar, Barry Louis:

“All I Want Is You” paired with Novelty.

The Postmarks:

“My Little Heart.” Paired with Instant Book Is Your Present.

Presley, Elvis:

“Where No One Stands Alone.” Paired with There Will Be a New Year Tomorrow -1999-.


“Brass in Pocket” Paired with JGK: The Basics.

Prince Buster:

“Enjoy Yourself,” is tacked onto Monologue in Blue.

Prince’s Orchestra:

“Children’s Symphony” paired with Unborn and Lovin’ It.

Prins, Matt:

“Meaty” paired with the Art of Foley: How to Make the Sex Sound.

“Previously” paired with Previously.


“Where I End and You Begin.” Paired with Symbolism Could Not Get Any More Literal.

Ramblin’ Jack:

“Car Song.” Paired with Mouse Vs Honda.

“Cup of Coffee” paired with How to Make a Proper Latte.

The Ramones:

“Indian Giver.” Paired with Chief Mag.

“What’s Your Game” paired with Game Night.


“Black Heroes” paired with I for Ilford.

Redding, Otis:

“These Arms of Mine.” Paired with Shirt Sleeves.

Reed, Lou:

“Real Good Time Together” paired with Makin Book Wid My Chum-Chum.

Richman, Jonathan:

“You’re the One for Me.” Paired with We Could Share Our Summer and Fall.

“Lonely Financial Zone” paired with E.


Snacky Poo paired with Man-O-Pooh

The Roches:

Hammond Song paired with Next.

Rolling Stones:

“Mother’s Little Helper” paired with Movies With Mommy.

“Love in Vain” paired with Journal #11.

Ronalde, Ronnie:

“Bird Song at Eventide” paired with Pigeon Relocation Program.

The Roots + Monsters of Folk:

“Dear God 2.0” paired with Absence Comes in Various Shapes and Sizes.

Rubber City:

Perdita.” Paired with Arriving.

Rudgren, Todd:

“A Dream Goes On Forever” paired with I Dream of Jenni.

Russell, Arthur:

“Place I Know – Kid Like You.” Paired with Untitled.

Saunders, J:

“Tinkle.” Paired with Two Christmas Stories.

Sea Wolf:

“I Made a Resolution.” Paired with There Will Be a New Year Tomorrow -2006-

Segall, Ty:

“Alone” paired with Dumb.

Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet:

Having an Average Weekend paired with 4 Day Weekend.

She and Him:

“Sentimental Heart.” Paired with There Will Be a New Year Tomorrow -2008-

the Shirelles:

“Baby It’s You” paired with Haters Are Going to Hate.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow paired with the Zuzzler’s Creed.

The Silver Jews:

“Pet Politics.” Paired with She’s My New One.

“Animal Shapes” paired with Dead to Me.

Simon, Paul:

“Papa Hobo” paired with Fairly Different Types of Similar Homeless Types.

Simone, Nina:

“Strange Fruit.” Paired with Achondroplasia: Silent But Deadly.

“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To” paired with It’s Jubjub.

Smith, Elliott:

“First Timer” paired with Journal #4: February 20, 2002.


“Inspirational.” Paired with 544836-02 It Gets Worse.

“Look Now” is paired with Sorry Laura.

“To Be of Use” paired with Do You Want Kids?

The Soundtrack of Our Lives:

“Broken Imaginary Time.” Paired with Mouth Hole.


“Mickey Mouse.” Paired with Mickey Mouse Vs. Sonja Stuffco.


Lo Boob Oscillator paired with Titties in the Cooler.

St. Vincent:

“Your Lips Are Red.” Paired with Hot Head.


“Come Sail Away” paired with Lil Pic We Found.

Suburban Lawns:

“Janitor” paired with Philadelphia Phabulous.

Summer, Donna:

I Feel Love paired with Jack’s Famous Story.

Sun Kil Moon:

“Harper Road.” Paired with the Road.

Sun O)))) :

“It Took the Night to Believe.” Paired with List of Fears.

Swan, Billy:

“I Can Help” paired with My Boss is an Idiot.


“Raw Ramp” is tacked onto the end of Bazoombas.

Tiersen, Yann:

“La Moulin.” Paired with Make an Instant Accordion.

Timber Timber:

“Black Water” paired with Going to Panama.

Toru and Kojima:

“Don’t Worry Baby.” Paired with 2 Many R’s is 4 Etards.

Trio Pakai:

“Cence Pinsirs” paired with Z Files.


“Pussy Fartin'” paired with That Pussy.

Turner, Ike & Tina:

“Ooh Poo Pah Doo” paired with But Why is it Like This?


“Riddle” is paired with Cole’s Email.

Twitty, Conway:

Danny (Lonely Blue Boy) paired with POF.

Uncle Tupelo:

“Grindstone.” Paired with Tessa the Messa.

VanGaalen, Chad:

“Sunshine Snare Hits.” Paired with IBS – Six Little Piggy Tales.

Van Zandt, Townes:

“If I Need You” paired with She Was Waiting.

Vargas, Chavela:

“Tu Me Acostumbraste” paired with E=H2O

Velvet Underground:

“Jesus” paired with Prayer.

Vile, Kurt:

“Runner Ups” paired with My Pal Josh + My Pal G.

The Wailers:

Put It On paired with Edmonton Stick Up!

Waits, Tom:

“You Can Never Hold Back Spring.” Paired with All the Apples.

The Walkmen:

“In the New Year.” Paired with There Will Be a New Year Tomorrow -the First Day of 2009-

Ward, M.:

“Here Comes The Sun Again” paired with Return of Lapinski.

“Dead Man” is paired with Mouse VS Man pt 1.

“Outro (I’m a Fool to Want You)” is paired with Coming Back Stories: I Have Returned.

Washed Out:

“Phone Call” is paired with Phone Friends.


“Big Fat Fuck.” Paired with Belly.

“Hey There Fancy Pants” paired with All the Pants I’ve Got.

“Pink Eye (On My Leg)” paired with More Neat Postal Sightings.

“Pork Roll Egg and Cheese” paired with The Story of Cheese.


“Pink Triangle” paired with Journal 1 – June 13, 2000

“Lullaby For Wayne” paired with Start Again!.


“Losering.” Paired with There Will Be a New Year Tomorrow -2007-

White Stripes:

“Little Room” paired with Matches Smell.


“Either Way.” Paired with Pia Sangria and the Last Few Moments We Have Together.

“Jesus, etc.” paired with Sad Time Sandwich.

“We’re Just Friends” paired with My Pal Josh pt. 2 and My Pal G pt.2

Wilco and Billy Bragg:

“At My Window Sad and Lonely,” paired with Homes.

“California Stars,” paired with You Gave Your Quilt to Me.

“Blood of the Lamb” paired with “Blood Bus of Horrors.”

Williams, Hank:

“Last Night I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep.” Paired with Sharing a Bed in NYC.

“I Saw the Light” paired with Run-In With a Nun-In.

Wilson, Dennis:

Farewell My Friend paired with My Buddy Can’t Help Me Out.

Wizard Oz:

“Mario 150” paired with I Like Mario So Much.

Wiz Khalifa:

Black and Yellow (Mister Gray Dubstep edit) paired with X-Treme Favourites.

The XX:

“VCR” (Matthew Dear remix) paired with Love in the Time of Cholesterol.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

“Runaway.” Paired with Karen O.

Yo La Tengo:

“Tears Are in Your Eyes” paired with Nick’s Key Cuts and Accessories.

Superstar Watcher paired with IBS4 – Pop Icons Who Made Space Fun and Their Porn Star Counterparts.

“It’s Christmas Time” paired with Merry Chrizzmuzz Bobby!

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