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Colors #86 – Making the News


PIG Quarterly

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The General Story of My Brother (and I) was published in PIG Quarterly’s – La Famiglia issue. PIG mag has been around for a while but this is their first foray into the literary and photo quarterly. It’s beautifully designed and is full of great stuff. Get a hold of it throughout Europe or check it out here.

My Interview with Papirmasse

Papirmasse delivers a monthly print (which varies in size and style from month to month) with art on the front & writing on the back. It costs $5 a month. Cheap and neat, huh?

I’m going to be the one who will have writing on the back side of the August issue. On the front will be an illustration from my friend, Genevieve Simms. I’m happy to be paired with her. What a nicey.

Here’s a little interview I did for Papirmasse with much talk about this very site – Instant Books Are Your Future. : – X

92.1 the Mouth Hole (Dirt City — Dream City)

Stacy Looyd Broon Sings to Mart Brinz’s Tales – Live Show

poster by Josh Holinaty

Hey instant bookers. This Saturday (April 28, 2012) Stacy Looyd Broon aka Stacy Lloyd Brown (one of the city’s finest musicians) and myself, Mart Brinz, will be putting on a fun little show at Elevation Room on Jasper Ave . I think you should come. This won’t be your traditional Saturday night coffee house thing. It could even get a lil bit R rated up in dere.

I’ll be telling mostly new stories and Stacy will be performing mostly new songs and all those mostly new things will reflect one another like we’ve been working beside each other on a bench. Plus there will be surprise guests and squiggly little illustrations projected onto a screen and weird stuff and sweet stuff and funny stuff and dark stuff.

If you’re in Edmonton and surrounding area, do it! Then we will all have smiles.

Also, a big thanks to Pedigree and TED talks for helping us get our stuff out there.


Jonathan Harris is an amazing interactive artist. I was first introduced to him via the brilliant site “We Feel Fine” which he helped create in 2006. His latest online venture is a project called Cowbird.

“Cowbird is a simple tool for telling stories and a public library of human experience.

Cowbird allows you to keep a beautiful audio-visual diary of your life. Our short-term goal is to pioneer a new form of participatory journalism, grounded in the simple human stories behind major news events and universal themes. Our long-term goal is to build a public library of human experience, so the knowledge and wisdom we accumulate as individuals may live on as part of the commons, available for this and future generations to look to for guidance.”

Jonathan asked some people to upload stories for the launch of the site. I was lucky enough to participate and created this with the photographic help of my good friend Jessica Fern.

IBS #5 – The Cats Issue (Little Fluffo Things)

Makin Book Wid My Chum-Chum

Hay, I was gonna turn dese pages into a book! My chum-chum was gonna show me how it will happen…

Homemade Valentine’s Cards