Hello. My name is Matt Prins and I will be your instant book facilitator and main squeeze.

What? Oh… I started up this blog in 2008 after a failed attempt at being a NYC writer. I don’t fit in there. Just look at the junk on this blog. Filth. Unacceptable. Unaccepted.

Also, I like blogs but think most are pretty hastily written and not given much thought. It dawned on me – the best way to make a readable enjoyable improvedable blog would be to slow down the process. That’s right, folks. To sit down, hand write some things, hand draw some other things, and then transfer all of that onto this internezz. Mixing in the old with the new. That’s what we do in this day and age. Do it on a blog! I did.

Instant Books are a book form I learned about from a book I bought while I was in NY. This is that book. Buy it. It’s great.

And now, for your enjoyment, an educational video about hot dogs…


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  1. nadina,

    what the F? hot dogs? me confuse

  2. Jeffrey,

    one of the most entertaining documentaries i’ve seen this year. kudos to the national hotdog and sausage council for providing the public with, much like their food products, a quality, first class broadcast.

  3. Angela,

    That’s not the way hotdogs are made in Mexico, you should remember that!

  4. Aimee,

    Matt, how do I find your email address. I have an invitation I’d like to send you if you’re still around Edmonton…

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