Instant Books and Otto Stalk at Royal Bison May 2013

royalbison_may2013_600pxsquarewebgraphic-19-14 Folks. It’s time to get that funny feeling in your shopping pants again.


Instant Books will be representing at Edmonton’s super popular Royal Bison with these fine goods:

– the second printing of Shtoriesh (with an all new illustrations and formatting!)

– the newest issue of Instant Books Are Your Future: Girls are Dumb. And Pretty.

the last 5 copies of issue 2 (Family is Dumb) and issue 3 (Be a Mailman!) are bound to disappear, so come early Friday evening and snag ’em before they’re gone for all of time. Plus, the first 20 people in the doors will be getting gift bags full of Royal Bison vender gold! (probably not literal gold)

Above: Team Big Dumb Sound Booth inside the Big Dumb Sound Booth (Looking really good from left to right): Erin Ottosen of Otto Stalk, Dwight Allott of booth building, Matt Prins of Instant Books, and Stacy Brown of lighting and electronic engineering!

Otto Stalk (Edmonton’s largest two piece rock force) will be sharing a table with Instant Books selling their first LP! Erin and I have combined forces and dreamt up (with the help of our two aforementioned pals) a fully immersive interactive exhibit that you gotta get inside of to believe! The Big Dumb Listening Booth. Please listen to the recording above to sample our wares.

BISON, guys! Starting tomorrow – May 3rd!

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