Colors #86 – Making the News


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In the beginning of 2008 I left Fabrica, (a place I’ve written about a few times on this blog) which meant leaving behind an amazing job and even more amazing people. In my time there I had the chance to work on a few issues of Colors Magazine. This stands as a great moment of pride for me, as it was a magazine I admired throughout my adolescence. In the last several years, the magazine has slowly slipped away from the magazine shops (I can no longer find it in Edmonton) and I think that could be due to a misstep in its content and visual style.

Luckily for me and Colors enthusiasts, my old Fabrica friends are at the helm of the magazine. Patrick Waterhouse (editor in chief) and Cosimo Bizzarri (executive editor) have brought a real life force back to the name of Colors . The last several issues have touched upon some very important subject matters and each issue has come out reading and looking astonishing. I was glad to be a small part of the latest issue (having written the Yellow Pages insert) almost exactly 5 years after having left Fabrica. It was like being home again for just a tiny bit.

Find out more about Making the News at the Colors website.

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