You’ll Like This


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  1. Kel,

    haha i dropped a little beer chuckling to myself. first time hearing about ‘fake Simpsons, incestuous porn shit’. I’ve been away from Canada for too long apparently, hmm.. or not long enough. nice, simple humour.

    • mattprins,

      Thanks Kel. It’s probably for the best that you’ve never heard of that Simpsons porn. Who would that be made for?

  2. Kel,

    People who kiss their cousins =) May I ask when the last time you wrote about something happier/more positive was?

  3. mattprins,

    Kel! That seems very forward for a stranger. Are you a stranger? Are you insinuating something? That perhaps I’m depressed or depressing?

    I’d have to say I write mostly about experiences that make me feel sad or at the very least awkward, it’s true. But everyone’s got their own definition of what being happy or positive is. Maybe this could be deemed happy? A tale of two buds talking it out.

    • Kel,

      Im a forward stranger I suppose, catch you off guard? No insinuating, just wondering if there were stories in which luck was on your side:) or things worked out. *reads*

  4. Kel,

    okay wasn’t expecting that.

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