“Girls Are Dumb. And Pretty.” Instant Books Issue 4!



Ah yes. Girls. I’ve written countless pages about girls. They’re my favorite story subject. That’s why I think this is the best issue yet. I had so much content to choose from that I could only manage to squeeze in the bestest stories. Stories about girls! Dumb ones, pretty ones, dumb pretty ones. I love that stuff.


Each box is unique, hand painted and drawn. A very limited run of 45. So much pain and suffering and time went into making each box, so much effort and love. It’s such a perfect metaphor for my relationship with pretty girls. It really hurt my fingers and heart and backbone.




15 instant books are stuffed in each box. Some of which you have never ever seen before! At the very least, it’s worth a look. Go on and have a gawk. What could it hurt? Just don’t get caught staring. It’s so embarrassing.

Visit the Instant Bookery Etsy store and put in your order. If you live in Edmonton and are interested I am willing to hand deliver. Contact me at matt.prins@gmail.com.

Your shitty ex-boyfriend,

– Matt Prins.

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