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Edmonton Stick-Up

Journal #11: November 22 + December 18, 2005

Luke Ramsey’s Switch-a-roo Alphabook

I was proud to have Illustrator and artist Luke Ramsey take part in the first Alphabooks project.

Recently Luke decided he’d like to switch out his old book with a better newer finer fresher one. I’m really happy to house this pretty little thang. Thanks so much Luke! Check it out here.


My Interview with Papirmasse

Papirmasse delivers a monthly print (which varies in size and style from month to month) with art on the front & writing on the back. It costs $5 a month. Cheap and neat, huh?

I’m going to be the one who will have writing on the back side of the August issue. On the front will be an illustration from my friend, Genevieve Simms. I’m happy to be paired with her. What a nicey.

Here’s a little interview I did for Papirmasse with much talk about this very site – Instant Books Are Your Future. : – X