92.1 the Mouth Hole (Dirt City — Dream City)

Hey folks, so for the past while I’ve been working on putting together a pirate radio station (92.1 the Mouth Hole) for the temporary art exhibit housed in various locations in the Boyle community of my hometown, Edmonton. The collective is called Dirt City Dream City and you can learn all about it right here.

That’s a billboard for the station up there! That’s on Jasper ave and 95th st. Neat, right?

The Mouth Hole is a pirate radio station made accessible by tuning one’s radio to 92.1 FM. Broadcasted from the Artery on Jasper Ave, the low range transmitter of the station makes it harder to pick up the further away you get from the Artery. The content of the broadcast consists of jingles for businesses that no longer exist in the area, field recordings of the neighborhood at present and interviews with members of the neighbourhood who speak a second language. “The Voice of the Quarters” is riddled with misinterpretations from myself – an outsider speaking for insiders – which hopefully brings light to the fact that the history and voices of this particular historical community are often paid little attention to, or are drowned out by the louder voices of Edmonton. The title itself – the Mouth Hole – describes what a voiceless or misunderstood member of any community is left with – a vacuous hole.

The accompanying Mouth Hole billboard features two fictional morning show DJ’s, residents of the Quarters – Chuck and Chun. Chuck can be presumed to be a homeless man and Chun a Chinese woman. Because the radio station is supposed to be “the voice of the neighbourhood”, with all its content ironically created by an outsider, two faces an outsider might assume would come from the Boyle community make their appearance. These two figures do represent some of the more prevalent “minorities” in the area, whose voices often go unheard. Neither Chuck nor Chun have an actual place on the radio program – the billboard makes a false promise and mirrors real life.

Above is the radio program in its entirety. I’ll be looping the thing for the next ten days. So if you don’t have a portable radio or car to tune into the station, you can download it here or just stream the track.

A poster for the station.

Anuzzer pozter alongside the dirt city dream city poster.

A thirdly type of poster.

So come on down folks and check out the action. I’m super thrilled to be part of such an amazing bunch on artists. They’re all so splendid. Below are a print from Smokey Johnson (a friend to Instant Books) and Aaron Paquette’s “Everyone is Welcome” (a new friend to me. I’m a big fan)

Lastly, a huge thanks to muscians Stacy Lloyd Brown and Rene Wilson for composing all that awesome jingle music for me. Also thanks to Lori Gawryluik for knowing how to do all the techinical radio things! Hooray!


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  1. the longer i am away from edmonton the cooler it gets. i’m sorry to miss the dirty city festivities.

  2. Trixie Walton,

    “sounds” good!


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