The Man Behind the Man(del) by El Dee

If you’re not from Edmonton maybe this might not make make the most sense.

Mandel (as stated) is our mayor.

Joey Moss, however, is a more obscure local celebrity. From Wikipedia: “Joseph Neil ‘Joey’ Moss (born September 25, 1963) is the locker room attendant for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League and the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. Born with Down syndrome, Moss caught the eye of Oilers centre Wayne Gretzky in 1985, when Gretzky was dating Moss’s sister, Vicki. Impressed with the dedication Moss brought to a job at an Edmonton bottle depot, Gretzky suggested to team general manager Glen Sather that the young man be given a tryout.”

Green Onion Cakes are a delicious treat that appear at every single Edmontonian event, en masse, for which there is always a line.

Thanks El Dee. This brings me more happiness than you could know. :  )

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