Three Quick Ones from the Bison

Here’s my table on the second day of the Royal Bison. I sold a lot of things on the Saturday which was nice. Sunday slowed down significantly which was fine cause that’s the day I promised to make instant books right on the spot.

Nobody was biting so I made the first one about Garrett (a friend and wooden tortilla press vendor who sat at the table across from mine.) I ended up making 5 or 6 for people throughout the day. Here are a few dumb ones!

I never knew Garrett was a wood worker. Or a taco lover. Or a boob fan. But he is all of those things probably!

Jill Stanton is another friend and royal bison vendor. She’s an amazing illustrator and she was having a real slow business day. Nevertheless she paid me a couple bucks to make something horrible up about her. I did it!

Then Garrett said he’d pay some dollars if I made something about Game of Thrones. I said “YORP.”

One thing I’ve learned from this is that I really like to fall back on boobs when I’m put to the test.

Later I got hit in the face with a paper airplane.

Here’s the stuff that was in it:

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