Instant Books Issue No.3 – Be a Mailman!

Here it is. The third issue of Instant Books Are Your Future in a box. This time the theme is Mailmanning. If your wish is to be a mail man, woman, or transgendered that wish can come true with the help of this wonderful little beast. Also, if you’ve got nice flowers you can find the perfect box to compliment them.

Hand painted boxes with unique fake stamps and return addresses. No two boxes are alike. This is a small run of 35, each box is stamped with its run number. Ain’t they jus darlin?

This is the most filled issue yet. 15 instant books are included, 4 of which are brand new and have never been seen by any eyes. I made them blindfolded! Keep looking at this blog post to learn more about said nifties.

A letter from the editor and issue overview. Complete with nice little photos of nice little stamps.

This guide will tell you how to get a job with Canada Post and how to perform your duties correctly and efficiently.

A story about my initial interview with the Post and also… things about the Edmonton Oilers!

A tragic tale of pooping inside of my pants! All 4 aforementioned books only available in this issue.

Issue 3 will be up for grabs first at the coming Royal Bison in Edmonton.

Also available will be the few remaining copies of Fart Head, Shtories and Issue 2 – Family is Dumb.

Plus a very limited and special run of a new fold-out zine by illustrator Genevieve Simms and myself. (not pictured above)

And finally, on Sunday the 6th, I will be trying my hand at making instant books on the spot! Come in and tell me some things about you. I will make a book all about you and your precious life!!! You can be not really famous!

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