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Stacy Looyd Broon Sings to Mart Brinz’s Tales – Live Show

poster by Josh Holinaty

Hey instant bookers. This Saturday (April 28, 2012) Stacy Looyd Broon aka Stacy Lloyd Brown (one of the city’s finest musicians) and myself, Mart Brinz, will be putting on a fun little show at Elevation Room on Jasper Ave . I think you should come. This won’t be your traditional Saturday night coffee house thing. It could even get a lil bit R rated up in dere.

I’ll be telling mostly new stories and Stacy will be performing mostly new songs and all those mostly new things will reflect one another like we’ve been working beside each other on a bench. Plus there will be surprise guests and squiggly little illustrations projected onto a screen and weird stuff and sweet stuff and funny stuff and dark stuff.

If you’re in Edmonton and surrounding area, do it! Then we will all have smiles.

Also, a big thanks to Pedigree and TED talks for helping us get our stuff out there.

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