Under the Over Pass by Mike DePasquale

I really enjoy Mike De Pasquale a lot. He’s probably one of the sharpest, most unique, and likable characters I’ve ever met. Mike is a photographer living in Brooklyn. He’s got a very defined style: see here and here.

On a related side-note, I would like to make mention, so close to the end of this alphabook series, that scanning or taking photos of all the instant books that come through, largely diminishes the visual quality of the original product. The colours are skewed, letters and pictures are all fuzzy, stuff is so tiny. This is the case here. The digital photos I’ve taken of Mike’s printed photos do not do justice to the amazing book he sent. Please, Mike. If you have the means of putting the original photos up, do so. I will make a nice link to that and everyone will clap in their houses.

-Love Mark

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