“A” is For Alligator by Andy Smith


Andy Smith is a Brooklyn based writer and promoter and maker of cool things. We once worked together and then a few years later we shared an apartment building. We also once talked about things on a river bank.

Here’s a story I included Andy in.


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  1. Ha! Hilarious. I once held a tiny alligator in Egypt. It’s mouth was taped shut, but I know if it wasn’t it would try to eat me with it’s tiny baby gator teeth. What an asshole!

  2. Thanks, Matt! I cherished the experience and had you in my thoughts through the entire creative process. I almost made a book about you called “A” is for All About Matt, but I’ll save that for another time.

    ALSO – really great to read that Tale of Two Shitties again. I read it on my iPhone whilst taking my morning shit.

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