Alphabooks Series 2 ‘Bout to Start Up

Next week the letter A is going to kick off this year’s Alphabook series. If you weren’t around for last year’s session, check out the start of it here.

What this whole shim-sham is about: 26+ amazing people are assigned a letter from the English alpher-bet and make an instant book (the title starting with their letter.) The submissions I’ve received have been incredulous and I can’t wait to  get them into your eyeballs.

This run there are a few returning fan favorite Alphabookers, but mostly there are new peoples! Coming in from all over this world: Germany, UK, Australia, Austria, New York, Montreal, Vancouver and so on. I even got one of my favorite graphic novelists on this Earth to send one in! Jeffrey Brown?! Still can’t believe it. What a good man.

Here’s the tentative schedule. Mark your favorite letter down on your own real life calendar and be sure to check in on that date. An R man? A B lover? Hey, maybe you’re even a V meister. We gots what you’re craving here.


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  1. January 27th is a bummer

  2. mattprins,

    I’m already pretty sad about it.

  3. Fern,

    Yay! I love it when you do this.

  4. Marie letter D,

    Ha! Coincidence. Though I had no idea where, I was under the impression that I had seen this name, Jeffrey Brown, recently somewhere. Just remembered : I bought a series of postcards named “The cutest sneeze in the world” a couple weeks ago. It’s by him! I could NOT resist buying it, though I was completely broke. It was instant love. They constitute the bookmark apparatus of my daily philosophical work, making it so pleasant. Yé for Jeffrey.


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