Instant Books At the 11th Royal Bison!

The Royal Bison is a craft fair in Edmonton, Alberta. On the 26th and 27th of this month I’ll be hocking some book type things. Including the second issue of Instant Books in a Box. This one is family themed.

Family is Dumb is another limited edition rim-ram. Only 45 will exist. All will be hand folded, glued, and touched. Contains 12 instant books!  Including one from guest contributor Omar Mouallem, one with illustrations by special lady Genevieve Simms, and two exclusives, never before seen by anyone’s eyes. Impossible!

Fart Head is a small, 50 page book with colour photos and colourful tales taken from my days in Montreal and New York! Edition of 30! Perfect bound! All new! Tiny! Cute!

This is what the inside of Fart Head might look like if you flipped to that page. The background will not be there, where you are when you open it.

Yep. There’s gonna be all this stuff there. This stuff includes my book of poem/stories “Shtories” and this promotional poster for the upcoming Alphabook Series 2 – featuring contributions from several fellow Royal Bisoners and from the coolest man on Earth – Jeffrey Brown!

See you soon friends.

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