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Instant Books Are Your Future Fanmail

Litstack Interview and Notes of Interest

i doubt jason wears gray pants but he should

1. Jason Norman, of Jews for Jesus fame and Wufniks fame, wrote this little thing about Instant Books are Your Future, which you can read at Litstack – a website for lovers of words ‘n’ books ‘n’ n’s. Thanks Jason.

2. The lineup for this year’s Alphabooks series is almost 100% confirmed. I’m really excited about this wing-ding. There are a lot of  talented people on the roster, most have never made an instant book in their young lives. Plus, there are a few returning gem friends! This should be up in December.

3. Issue #2 of Instant Books in a Box is in prep mode too. This set’s going to be called “Family is Dumb” and that’ll be ready for selling by the end of November.

4. It’s fallish out. Really nice.

5. I’ve not been buying many groceries lately. I’m hungry.

6. I’m not the type to put a song on repeat but these ones have been getting some major earplay in my ears this past week:

Some Things Last a Long Time – Daniel Johnston/Jad Fair

Lauren Marie – Girls

Blue Light – Mazzy Star

Lose It – Austra

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