Edmonton. My Boyfriend.


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  1. This is, by far, my favourite instant book ever. It makes me happy to see you embrace Edmonton. Craig and I, here in Victoria, were talking about Edmonton and he asked me what I love about it so much. I said, “There’s lots of great little shops and restaurants.” And he said, “You can find those in any city.” So I said, “Well, I love the river valley and all the festivals. I love how easy it is to navigate.” He eventually agreed on that point. But you’ve kind of nailed it, you and your friend, because Edmonton does have it’s own little wily charm, it slowly gets under your skin and makes a home there. Also, it’s home to so many awesome people. Like you and me.

  2. I love this one Matt. You put words to my hard-to-explain feelings:). I miss Edmonton.

  3. Citizen,

    Ah, haha. Haha. Ya, ha.

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