I.M.G.T.P.C. + Small Bonus Story

There were 3 pages left in this notebook so here’s a special bonus:


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  1. nadina,

    Hahahahahah I love this one! SO funny! I always just hang up when I get the automated, “Valued West Jet Customer” crap, so it’s both funny and interesting to see how the call went. Hahaha I especially like the part where the guy pretends to be his manager and laughs when you do.

  2. mattprins,

    I think you are so right, Athena! You nailed it with the hahahas.

  3. nadina,

    I hate “lol” and genuinely believe that the “hahahas” are a more accurate depiction of my laughter. Which really was out loud, not like the awkward “lols” people use. So there.

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