Cry Boy … in Europe!


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  1. big hugs matty! xx

  2. colek,

    seriously beautiful pictures.

    I don’t even know these jagoffs and i’m crying

  3. Pia,

    I’m the cry girl so you don’t have to be a cry boy alone! Thoses pictures are amazing, really beautifully laid out. Bravo my dear mr prins face. xx

  4. Jesus, Matt, either I’m the queen of total empathy or you’re a phenomenal writer. Beautiful story, beautiful pictures. I am glad you went and I missed you.

  5. Natti,

    i’m always in a pub!
    We’re a good bunch.
    You’re a lucky guy, having so many old buddies coming to spend time with ya.
    But that’s cos your a good guy.
    Happy ending prinsface

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