Instant Books at the 10th Royal Bison in Edmonton!

I’m going to be in Europe while the next Royal Bison is happening (May 28-29.) I’ve got mixed emotions about missing this.

Luckily my dear friends Josh and Genevieve will be selling my wares at their table, which is incredible for me because their stuff is always tres tres popular, and rightfully so, the little belles.

Here’s what I’m contributing:

Shtories – 193 pages of hand-bound/perfect-bound goodness. Written by yours truly, illustrated by the magnificent Maddalena Fragnito Di Giorgio! $20.Edition of 40.

Instant Books Are Your Future – Issue 1 – 10 instant books, hand-folded, hand glued, and contained in a no-two-are-alike box. Issue one is a sexually themed issue. $10. Edition of 35.

Letter Press Post Cards – Hand made post cards. Edition of 30. Free!

Go to the Royal Bison! There are so many super cool local goodies being made and sold, and I’m super happy to be a part of it. Visit the site here.


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  1. nadina,

    MaTT! I want one of everything, pretty please! And remember no penises or vaginas for this one.

  2. Jeanie,

    I want Shtories.

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