Journal #5: May 4, 2002

Whoa, neat. It’s by complete coincidence that I’m posting this journal entry from May 4, 2002 on my blog on May 4, 2011. I think I like it. Also, Happy Cinco de Mayo Mexiquito!

16 Tulipanes, Valle de Oro, San Juan del Rio, Mexico

John trying to kill a moth in our kitchen. Note the gross brown greased floor.

Tiffany tanning her whites in the San Juan del Rio square.

Myself at age 20, hungover from “Day of Beer.”

My abusive father John at our most frequented watering hole – Scorpions.

The girls enjoying the fruits of Tiffany’s home-cleaning efforts.

Drunk-driving to the mountain.

San Juan’s best taco joint – la Herradera.

John playing the moothie with Scorpion’s house band – Tucan.

John and Tiff on one of our trips. (Puerto Angel)

John and Nalda’s last night in the house. We’ve been crying a lot.

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