the Very First Instant Books Are Your Future Compilation Pack

A very limited run of 35! Each package is unique, featuring a hand drawn illustration by yours truly.

When you open the box, it’s going to be filled with instant books, all united by the theme of sex. Compilation Pack #1 is titled “Some Sexy Ones.”

Contents include 10 hand-folded instant books, reworked, reformatted, and rejuvenated : Issue Guide, Weird Nips, Dem Poor Dinks, Lump of Shit, Serial Rapist, Fucking in Beds, Sharing Over Snacktime, Penis Check, Bazoombas…

… and this never-been-read sweetheart, That Pussy, which can only be found within the depths of that corrugated box!

A must-read while pooping!

A late-night, bedside companion! Looks great!

Both the life of the party, and a hangover cure! Compilation Pack #1  will be available next month at the 10th Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair in Edmonton, for the marginal price of $10!!! !!!!! ?

If you’re interested in obtaining one visit the instant book etsy store.


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  1. LOVE the idea matty! would like to buy a pack if u deliver to Hong Kong? Also loving the new look on the blog, although i miss the illustrated headmast

  2. me want one. tell me how. i have many pay pal dollars.

  3. mattprins,

    I’ve got some put aside for you sorts of international enthusiasts. I’m not exactly sure how internet pay works or how to set that up, maybe I’ll create an etsy page. Let me work on it and sooner than later I’ll let you know… : _ )



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