Makin Book Wid My Chum-Chum

Hay, I was gonna turn dese pages into a book! My chum-chum was gonna show me how it will happen…

Here it is at Chum-Chum’s home. Got covers to wrap around the pages… But empty wine glass? Chum-Chum
… : – (

Chum-Chum’s seddin up dat book binder. Wid his arms!

Dere he is. Dat’s my Chum-Chum. N he filled up dose wine glasses. Tanks Chummy.

All set. Hay, dere’s bananas on your wall over dere, Chum-chum. Silly Chum-Chum.

Chum-Chum says to warm up da glue. N den you glue!

Chum-Chum stands close by n tells me wot to do. I have such a smiler on.

“Glue da pages on da cover,” sez Chum-Chum. “I’ll glue da pages on da cover,” I sez.

N preddy soon we got a whole pile of dem. Hay! Chum-Chum! Geddoutadaway!

Den you start to chop off dose white parts on da cover and den you sleep like a good boy, right Chum-Chum?

N preddy soon all them get chopped n you got it on da carpet.

HAy! Dis little mongoloid child found one and just is lovin it!

Got a whole box of dose now! ! HAHA! Look!

Chum-Chum says he can shave my neck for me next time.

Chum-Chum n me. We won’t never fight, will we?

N den put it on da shelf or woddever and watch “Wot Not to Wear” wiff Stacy and Clinton.

Next up, makin da instant book boxes.

Hay, tanks Chum-Chum.


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