Hard to Miss You

I understand how sad (in a lame way) this is. But I feel like there’s a lot of this going on around me in one way or another, so I wanted to share.


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  1. Alyce,

    Oh, I don’t know Matt.

    This made my skin crawl- in a most unpleasant kind of way.

    I would hate if someone wrote something like this about me and posted it. It’s cheap.

    If you haven’t already, I recommend you put some real thought into whether or not this was a good idea. I guess you’ll keep doing as you see fit.

    I’m sorry you feel sad and lonely.

    Your friend,


  2. mattprins,

    It may surprise you, I think my actions over and over and over.

    I had a feeling when I posted this, that it probably wasn’t the best for anyone, but that feeling usually means I’m venturing into something that isn’t so easily shared, or maybe it just shouldn’t be shared, socially speaking.

    I don’t know if any of the things I post are “good ideas” but these feelings in this story are genuine feelings and I continue to struggle with them every day. I can’t be the only person who has gone through this, right? These are the subjects I’m most interested in – exposing the “cheap,” exposing the vulnerable, the sickening, the skin-crawling moments we probably all go through.

    What exactly is cheap about it?

    Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback. Seems hard to come by these days.

    Hope school went well for you. Back to New Jersey, I guess?

  3. Jeanie,

    I actually quite like this post.
    It’s raw, real and beautiful.

    I know that I’ve had the same thoughts.
    Keep on truckin’.

  4. i like that honesty. you’ve probably articulated and illustrated what many feel but never found a way to express it. that’s why we read…to find that sort of connection.


  5. mattprins,

    Thank you, ladies. Very kind words.

  6. nadina,

    This is story is neither cheap nor inappropriate, but rather, the kind of raw, painful, honesty that is hard to come by these days. While I do agree it would be hard to read something like this about me, I don’t think it’s at all wrong for you to write it. You are always working through stuff with your writing and the people in your life know that (even ex-girlfriends). Kudos for revealing that lonely little underbelly of yours. xoxoxox


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