Homemade Valentine’s Cards

Last weekend my good buddies Josh and Genevieve invited me out to make some Valentine’s goodies at a local print studio, SNAP. We were allowed two image based cards and one text based. Here’s the fruits of our loins:

And then we all went for Thai food and had some great Tom Yum soup. Tom YUM is right!!! HAHAHAAAAAG.

Desperate Animal series (cards 1-3) by Matt Prins

Me So Horny and Abusive series (cards 4-6) by Josh Holinaty.

Psychogirl series (cards 7-9) by Genevieve Simms.

Bonus Typed-out Tale:

I took a taxi after work today. In the backseat was this little girl. I got in the front-seat. The taxi-driver told me the girl’s name was Denise and that he was taking her to her house.

“Hi, Denise,”I said.


It was quiet for a while and then I remembered it was Valentine’s. “Hey, Denise, did you get some Valentine’s cards today?”


“Any good ones?”


I got dropped off first. “Bye Denise.”


Bonus Boner Song:


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  1. I love chicken dinners and fucky fucky tonight. I seriously laughed so hard at that one! Thanks Josh! Hahaha

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