The 10 Year Journaling Redux Project


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  1. this is great! i can’t wait to read all the fools gold. long ago i had a boyfriend who kept meticulous and really retarded embarrassing journals, mostly just lists about how inadequate he was, of course i read them when i found one, he talked a lot about needing to date prettier girls. i hated him.

    • mattprins,

      haha. men who keep journals are kind of dumb, in an insecure kind of way. and in a leave them around the house so your girlfriend can hate you kind of way.

  2. I love your journals. I like that you write all the moments; good, bad, embarassing, scandalous.
    I always left out the scandalous things because I was paranoid that someone will read them. Now I don’t care!

    I’ve kept a journal since I was 7, and mostly those ones were all about what I would name my kids and what color my tail would be if I were a mermaid.

    I’ll have to get them!

  3. looking forward to all the funny juicy bits matty!!! love the idea of this new project.. it’s high time you contact a publisher already!

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