Z Files by Carlo Zoratti

Carlo Zoratti is an Italian man. He lives in Europe.

Carlo is a music, movie and media man. Here‘s proof.

I wrote this story about him last winter. (this link doesn’t work. I will fix this sometime when I feel like doing stuff.)

And this is it. This is the end of Alphabooks. It makes me kind of sad. It makes me think, “I will have to work on making items again.” Regular posts by regular me, in which I regularly whine about my life.

Part of the reason I made this little Alphabooks thingy was to encourage people to create and send in. Please, continue to create and send-in. No need to know me personally. And they can be titled with whichever letter you prefer. Unless you want me to challenge you.

Once again, thanks to all my friends for taking part. I feel it was a big success. xo


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  1. This is my favourite story next to Qs we want As to. Great project, Marty! Loved being a part of it! xo

  2. Natti,

    I absolutely love this story and Carlo when did your english become so god DAMN good. I can’t even write like this, hence why i drew shapes!
    What a good way to end the series

  3. this is my favourite story of the lot! Congrats and thanks Matty for putting this together, it’s good fun and a good reason to force oneself to do more creative projects!!

  4. Natti,

    DAMN IT im sorry. God DAMN i always get these thing wrong.

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