Weird Nips by Matt Prins

I wasn’t going to do one for Alphabooks, but the original W person couldn’t get it together. For shame. At any rate, only 3 more left! Until next week, Your instant pal, Marty P.


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  1. I was waiting so hard for this one! Nicely done.

  2. LOVE IT! I remember reading a newspaper article once when I was about 9, our national papers is a tabloid really and there was a quote on a pervert charged with molest and given a few strokes of the cane. He said something like how much he liked woman’s boobs because their nipples were like ‘pencil rubbers’. And i remember laughing nonstop about that. Anyway your story reminded me of that!!

  3. Ted,

    Nicely done, Matt. Thanks for keeping me “abreast” of what you’re up to these days.

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