In the News…

A few points to touch upon:

1. Instant Books Are Your Future had a write-up in one of Edmonton’s local Alternative papers, Vue Weekly. The article was kindly written by a man named Paul Blinov. You can read the article on-line here. Pay no attention to the misspelling of my last name.

2. Jon and Genevieve’s letter S story, “Samese” is up now. It took just a few extra days to get here, but yes – well worth the wait.

3. The Alphabooks project has been going super well. Last month was the most views of any month I’ve had so far with 3,861 visitors! Cyber boner! I want to thank everyone that has taken part. I really love you guys.


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  1. Jon,

    i read every alphabook! even yours!

  2. mattprins,

    Thanks Jon. Here at Instant Books Are Your Future, we take feedback like yours into deep consideration so that we can better meet your website browsing needs.

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