Philadelphia Phabulous by AJ Purdy

And then when you unfold the instant book there’s a neat poster printed on the inside. Hang it up!

AJ Purdy is an illustrator/graphic designer/artist living in Philidelphia.

He is very good at pointing out invisible items.

AJ had previously shared some of his illustrating work here on Instant Books Are Your Future.


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  1. Natti,

    this is so you purdy. x

  2. You sure do know a lot of people from a lot of places.

  3. Chris,

    Woww, these are full of strange colors!!

  4. mattprins,

    It looks like there’s a Canadian $5 bill in that knocked over phone.

  5. aj purdy,

    I recently had a recollection of when I went to a Go Team show (remember them?) in north Philly and the main team leader before or in the middle of the performance made a cheeky remark of how when they were getting out of their car and into the venue that they saw a bum (homeless guy) wiping his bum on the street…or maybe it was with tissue

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