Mother Land by Omar Mouallem

Omar is a writer and an editor. He is also Lebanese. But he is really quite a bit more Canadian, probably.

He is also a very big rap star.

Omar’s contributed to Instant Books a few times in the past (here’s one), and as one of my best pals he’s appeared in a lot of my stories. This one is one of my favorites.


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  1. Natti,

    This I have to say, quite unwillingly is my favourite so far. You are one hell of a writer, I get bored pretty quickly but this was real good, captivating. I’ve never met you in real life but i like that picture Prinsface drew, this is also better than the one he drew of me. WTF.
    real real good

  2. I like it, Omar. Very compelling.

  3. Thank you both. I just wish I gave it one extra edit for cleanliness.

  4. Jeanie,

    That is beautiful.
    Omar, you’re such a talented writer.

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