Dad’s Truck by Jeanie Andronyk

Jeanie is a young lady who makes what is mostly lady jewelry. Real unique stuff. It’s also Christmas time, ok? So look at this.

She’s very, very silverysmithy.


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  1. Natti,

    I wouldn’t half mind a ride in this truck especially if the tunes are like this.
    I also like your jewelry very much.

  2. mattprins,

    My favorite detail is that he keeps toothpicks in there. What’s that for? Just for chewing on? Kind of like Razor Ramon.

  3. Natti, you’d have so much fun in Dad’s truck. There’s also hickory sticks in there sometimes, if you’re lucky.

    Matt, those toothpicks are always the round, pointed on both end kinds, not the flat-only-pointed-on-one-end “bullshit” ones.

  4. Omar,

    I love this all, but in order of what I loved the most:
    1. your penmanship
    2. the story
    3. the song

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with Omar!

  6. My favorite part is when Dad makes sharp turns the tissue box falls.

  7. We all need to take a road trip in Dad’s truck.
    He can regale us with farm stories and we can take turns having naps in the backseat.

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