The Instant Books Made by 26 Super Pals

About a month ago I asked 26 people to do me a favour. These people are people I know and admire and appreciate on many different levels. These people have been people who have submitted instant books, or have appeared in my instant books, or have shown appreciation for instant books. These people are smart and talented and attractive. These people are Photographers and Illustrators and Writers and Teachers. These people are family members, and high school friends, and college buds, and people I’ve seen around town. They’re from different parts of my life and different parts of the world and I’m really proud to say they are all here – 26 beauties having made 26 beauties.

The idea of this project was to have one instant book made for every letter of the alphabet. I asked the lot to title their contribution starting with the letter assigned to them. That was really the only rule. The book could be about anything. It could contain words or no words. It could be big or small, or colored or not. It just had to be an instant book with a fitting title.

Now with almost all the entries at my waist side, I’m planning on putting them up, one day at a time for the next few weeks. Note the schedule below and make sure to circle the date on your calender for when your letter of choice appears. “K” fan, maybe? Perhaps a “P” person? Worried about missing your “F” story? Whatever, you silly. What’s this look like, anyway – a roulette table? Just relax cause we’ve got all them alphabets covered.

Come back on Monday for the kickoff!


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  1. J. Blizz,

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m excited to read all of these. But if I can expect to see some nudity on the 31st, then you really got my attention!

  2. Nattichat,

    This is all very exciting. Well done Prinsface. I hope my song is ‘i wanna sex you up’!

  3. Awesome. I can’t wait to see mine. only mine.

    Why did I get a letter so late in the alphabet? Y?


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