First Kiss by Janae Jamieson

The Instant Book by Janae Jamieson

Janae Jamieson has been one of my biggest Instant Book supporters. I’ve asked her several times, “When are you going to make one?” and asked her again just the other night at Leva Cafe, before her man AOK took the stage to introduce his new album – Q Without U. (Listen to the song attached, that’s AOK performing “First Kiss” with Neato! and Lindsey Nagy.)

Janae wrote it on the spot, on a napkin! An instant book in the truest sense of the word, sugared with nubile breast drawings. Yay!


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  1. Fan-tas-tic! Good job Janae. The art is fantastic, too. Tyson is an asshole. And when he googles your name and finds this, he will finally know it.

  2. Janae, you are truly an artist and a poet.
    The asshole you drew is outstanding.

  3. mystereo,

    This is super-tight and I hope to see Janae slammin’ Omar to the ground at a Story Slam some day.

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