Indian Instant Book Tales by Juliana Loh

The Instant Books by Juliana Loh

The first real friend I made during my stay in Italy was Juliana Loh. I farted in front of her in my kitchen and ever since then we’ve understood each other on a very deep level. We reached Friendship Level 7.

She recently went to visit another friend and colleague in India and was so kind as to make some little instant book tales out of her adventures. See below:


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  1. mattprins,

    I think the last one is probably my favorite one, Jules. I like all your Chinese superstition stories. Such a weird thing to tell your kids.

  2. thanks matty!!! LOVE the Indian soundtrack even more— Nalis is a real pro now with the bubble head and grooving.

  3. And dont worry when you have chewrens (pronounced the singaporean way), you can send them to me for Chinese superstition stories and they can make arts and crafts together, only no nail clipping in the night! ha!

  4. In case you were wondering, I never got my shoes back, so I am planning to go back to Amritsar and stalk Spaghetti Mehra until I catch her wearing them.

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