A Chapter

The Story of A Bunch of Other Little Stories

This is a chapter from the book I sent to Jeffrey Brown. Madu and I printed this out in Fabrica, on their fancy printers. These scanned in pages are from the very first mock up we made. We glued the pages together and cut the edges unevenly in the fancy book chopper Fabrica had in their ad department. After that we made some better looking ones and sewed them up, bound them, with Scott. I take them with me whenever I move and show people. They say, “It’s good.” But I always hope they’re going to say, “Let’s make you some money.”

Anyway, maybe i’ll start printing off each chapter and selling them around town as mini chapbooks. Here’s one for free. Chapter Two – The Book of Being Myself.

Oh yeah, and remember to click on the pictures to read the fine print.


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  1. I like page 108 the best.

    The other day, at the Canadian cottage, Frances and Laurie fed a duck Family some GRAIN BREAD OF SORTS.

    Two DAYS AGO i WATCHED Fly Away Home. That ONE IS ABOUT GEESE AND Canada.


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