Montreal Stick-Up

The Story of Posting Bills

Last year around this time I printed out 100 copies of 5 different instant books and walked around Edmonton and stuck em on trees and poles and windows.

This year I printed out 110 copies of 11 different instant books and biked around Montreal and stuck em on trees and poles and windows. I had a buddy come along with me and she took some nice photos and now here are some of them.

“Dan” on Duluth.

“Cry Boy” on red bricks.

“Facebook is For Creeps and Beautiful Women” on a bus schedule stick.

“Bazoombas” and some pouty lips. Some perv swiped that one for himself right away.

“My 1st G Trip” right by Schwartz’s smoked meat emporium.

“Neat Postal Sightings” and sea knots.

If you’re not into “Me, Van Gogh” you might be into “The Faces of Passers By” or”Family is Dumb,”

My helper-bud and “Neat Postal Sightings” before we ate some Pita pocket dinners.

“List of Fears” flappin’ around your ears.

“Girl Spaces” basket.

“All the Apples” on backside bicycle basket.

“Bazoombas” outside Romado’s. Best chicken in town. Try it now!


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  1. leyla goka,

    i found “all the apples” on guy and sainte-catherine and i love it. i too feel that way about mealy apples…sort of like tasteless clementines.

    • mattprins,

      Cool! I just stuck that one up and then sat at the second cup across the street watching everyone pass by it. Glad you swiped it!

      The onyl thing worse than a pulpy apple is a tasteless Clementine. and what’s those ones that have all the seeds?

  2. blackwatertown,

    Fascinating to read about and see pictures of what you’re doing.Seems very interesting. Might try something along those lines here – in UK

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