Mickey Mouse Vs Sonja Stuffco

The Story of Two Interests


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  1. James,

    I was once not manly enough for a Stuffco girl either, so she said. That van was hardly evident of a richness.

  2. mattprins,

    HA! James, they really cut deep, those gals. Yours must have been Anna, yes? I have a story about her too, another time.

    You’re right about the van. I actually think the Stuffco dad was fairly economical. But nonetheless rich.

    • James,

      Anna Indeed! I think there may have been a lot of critical feedback thrown around in their family. Most of my Anna stories get told to my therapist – oh boy!

      They called the van “lil’ buddy”. Anna drove me around as well, as I also had no license at 16.

      • mattprins,

        We’re practically bro-bros. I see you’re also a VFS student. I was once one too. Shall we change our last names to match? I vote “McGlerkins.”

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