Serial Rapist

The Story of How To

All the things in the following story happened, aside from the scheming and drugging and raping. This story was written a few years back, when I was still trying to say something in my writing. Ultimately, it’s about how we trust one another, our friends and lovers and co-workers, to be good and genuine and non-manipulative. We take these traits (which are supposed to be inherent in everyone) for granted. We expect truth, but the real truth is that being good really is another choice the majority of our population choose to make. OR IS IT?

This happens to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, probably because so many people have asked me if it was true. This is a back-handed compliment. No, I’m not a rapist.

This story is also meant to be read as a follow-up to “Lump of Shit”,  which I wrote shortly before this.

Enjoy. And remember – be good.

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