Carlo Zoratti’s Smile

The Story of Straight Face

I made this story for my friend Carlo, or more specifically, for his girlfriend, Marina.

Marina said, “Can you, all the pals of Carlo, from around the world, make something for Carlo, about Carlo. Don’t forget about Carlo. Remember Carlo.” And now none of you will ever forget Carlo.



And now for three side notes: 1. Here’s a nice thing Carlo once wrote to me here on this website: I wish one day we’ll be both old, i will cook for you (even though i know you have great skills too) and you’ll tell me stories from your life like a happy gay couple, but sad because we are dying because we are old.

2. This post is  going to count as my response to the instant book Athena sent so long ago, the pseudo-love-letter to her pal, Maggie.

3. This is the 100th Instant Book! I’ve started work on what will be a printed collection of my favorite 30 instant books thus far. Stay tuned for more info.


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  1. nads,

    How come the rest of the pages aren’t here? I read it on Carlo’s site. I like it, thanks for the very delayed response to A Gift for Gosia, which certainly was a love letter, of the friend variety. xoxo

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