Sexy New Podcast


This sucker’s packed with sexy content. Featuring two sex-laden Instant Books readings (Asshairs + Fucking in Beds), the introduction of 3 super sexy story tellers from the Tonya Harding Fantasy site, and loads of music including stuff from the Kills, Cat Power, Air, Peaches and DJ Click Clack Pick Pack Wick Wack Paddy Whack Nick.

A big old thanks to Cole Kushner on this one.


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  1. Wow. Genevieve and I were laughing so hard when it came to the readings. Holy shit. I think we’re addicted to a new podcast. Nice complimentary tunes, I might add.

  2. nadina,

    who could possibly hate the sound of your voice?

    craig and i are so impressed that you could read those sex stories, especially the 2 inch clit one without laughing.

    kudos mon ami. xo

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