Cry Boy

The Story of Wet Cheeks

The Story of Wet Cheeks



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  1. I think in one of the first conversations we had – remember, in that comic bar in Treviso? – you were saying this exact thing. Of how you cry a lot. I think it was you who said “crying is fucking awesome”. You know, I think it’s about then that I started crying a lot. I still do, and sometimes it does feel fucking awesome. Sometimes it doesn’t, though.
    Anyway, this is to say that your chemical imbalance might be contagious.

    • mattprins,

      I don’t ever ever remember being in the Comic Bar with you. Mind you, if it was one of our first conversations that would’ve been over 3 years ago. I can’t remember things from 3 years ago.

      And saying, “Fucking awesome,” about crying doesn’t exactly ring a bell either. It is cathartic, and that can be awesome. But FUCKING awesome? I’m just not so sure.

      Lots of love.


  2. missanabeem,

    I have better memory than you, Martsy. Plus, I wrote down the quote on my blog, back then.
    I won’t say I’m absolutely sure. But almost.

  3. THat drawing needs to a silk screen edition. damn you and your fancy haircuts and fancy drawings!

  4. nadina,

    hmmmmm…i’ve never seen you cry in nearly 10 years of knowing you.

    also…stop calling yourself a pussy. one, because of what we talked about today, and two, because you aren’t.


  5. that makes two. I am an alien eye-ing cry baby.

  6. you still get women’s simpathy by telling this old story of the poor SENSITIVE boY. you MUST TEACH ME HOW YOU DO IT ONCE. ANYWAYS, THE NIGHTS WE WENT to the video pub together I NEVER SAW YOU CRYING. ON THE CONTRARY.

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