Colors 70.5 – Understanding by Christian Etter

The Instant Book by Christian Etter

I used to work at a place called Fabrica for a couple years and in Fabrica I worked with many artistic folk from many parts of the world. A handful  of these folk worked on a magazine called Colors, this was the first time, that I know of, that the option to work for the magazine was opened to Fabrica residents. I became a writer for Colors (formerly working as a copy-editor), and Christian (the creator of this here book) became a researcher/graphic designer for the upcoming issue – Colors 71.

Chris is Swiss and he is very strong willed and stubborn and makes a fine fondue.

When a new boss (Enrico Bossan) entered  half way through our research/story compiling session for the upcoming issue, everything changed. All ideas were thrown out the window and we had no clue as to what Enrico wanted from us, mostly because he spoke in riddles. The whole change-up upset many people and I believe Christian’s handmade issue of Colors was a response to the shite that was being flung about. A bit of release, right Chris?

Chris printed out just enough copies of his baby to hand out to those involved in the ordeal. At that time Chris and I were running the Fabrica blog, we promised to put up the complete issue for those in Fabrica who did not receive a copy. We never followed through with the promise, so here it is now. Followed through with.

It should be noted, to those who do not know Enrico on a personal level, that he can be a real dick, rather un-understanding, and quite the chauvinist, but he has a real enigmatic charm about him. It might be his squeaky mafioso-like voice, it may be his big smile, or just his broken english. Whatever it is, you can’t help but love the big asshole.

PS. I did contribute a tiny tale to this issue. I’ll point it out when it comes. Enjoy Fabricanti and non-Fabricanti alike. And thanks for this Chris. I’ll keep it forever.

PPS. Click on the pictures for enlarged readings.

colorscolors_0001colors_0002colors_0003colors_0004colors_0005This one was written by me:


Original Colors meeting material in video form here.colors_0013colors_0014colors_0015colors_0016colors_0017


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  1. Chris,

    That brings back a lot of memories. Yes or no?!? Thanks Matt.

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