Sorry Laura

The Story of Meth Addicts

The Story of Meth Addicts



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  1. nads,

    wonderful. the telling i mean. not laura’s adventure. what a brave and amazing woman. i would have yelled at you all so bad. if you, beav, and craig forgot me, there would be hell to pay, my friend, hell.

  2. Omar,

    Finally, the entire story. Much better than the 5 times I’ve heard it orally. Thanks.

  3. this is a really special story, Matt. Nice work. I really like the illustrations.

  4. Cole's Mom,

    Whaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first I have heard of this. I can’t believe my son, her sister, and her friend could do this to sweet Laura. Just joking. Great story Matt. You told it well. Just remember, as Laura said “They didn’t do it on purpose. There is no need to be mad at them”. So don’t be so hard on yourself. It will however, be a story you all will never forget.


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