Lump of Shit

The Story of Falling to New Lows

3  years ago this week I moved to Italy and fucked up my life in positive and negative ways.

I wrote this story about a month after arriving in Treviso and felt from the moment I started that it was crucial for my mental health to just get it all out. It helped in ways and hurt in other ways.

A shortened version was published in a very nice anthology which you can get here, retitled as “Get a Grip.”  I prefer this long-winded version.



Matt Israelson’s contribution to Instant Books is one of my absolute favourite send-ins. I’ve been thinking of instant books I could make as a reply to his story, which contained such a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness, as relationships do.I’m going to try to pair The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs with some sweet and sour love stories. The music will be my guide and binding machine. 69 Love Stories to 69 Love Songs. Will it work? Boh.


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  1. carlo,

    Matt i love this. I remember the day you read it in front of us all.
    I wish one day we’ll be both old, i will cook for you (even do i know you have great skills too) and you’ll tell me stories from your life like a happy gay couple, but sad because we are dying because we are old.

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