Instant Books are Typically 2/5 a Lysol Spray Bottle

The Surprisingly Small Story

The Surprisingly Small Story

“Hey, you guys,” I said one day, “Why don’t you come over for some hamburgers and check out the size of my Instant Books?” Everyone was more than willing to do just those two things.

“What?! They’re this small?” Said one man. He was stunned.

“They’re surprisingly small.” Said another man, potato chips and Sunny D in hand.

“Why don’t you have a size comparison on your site,” was the suggestion of a third person. He liked ketchup!

“Ok, I said.”

We ate hamburgers.

img_0013Instant Books are about the same size as my dead grandmother’s car key set. I’ve been driving my dead grandmother’s car for over 4 years now and it’s a sort of golden colour!

img_0014Instant Books are a little bit smaller than the remote control you get with a Panasonic DVD-RV31 one-disc DVD player. (the new millennium model.) You can select repeat mode for all your favorite DVD chapters!

img_0015Instant Books are a bit taller than a homestyle hamburger bun. Mind you these buns are a bit old and stale now, and have lost some of their bold fluffiness!

img_0016Of course not all Instant Books are the same size. This is the tiniest one ever and is the width of a 21-28 cm sized ruler. Or about the length of 60 sesame seeds!

Like humans or snowflakes or even thumb girth  – no two are ever alike.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and consideration – volunteering.


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  1. madu,

    ah hah ah ha ha!

  2. 60 sesame seeds!!!!

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