Join the Team. Send in Your Instant Book.

The Post About Your Posts

The Post About Your Posts


Maybe you would like to make an instant book or maybe you’ve already made one and now it’s sitting on your shelf or inside a pantry and you don’t know what to do with it, aside from re-read it? I would definitely love to have it. And maybe, if you should like,  it could be that I put it up on the this site saying “Special Guest Maker…!!!” with your pretty name following? Let’s do that.

Maybe it is that you have Photoshop? If you do I can email you a Photoshop “Instant Book Mock-Up” along with simple instructions so that the whole process is not so painful.  The mock-up should make a quick and perfect little instant book.

If you don’t have Photoshop or if you would like to go for the HANDMADE LOOK it’s still very easy!!! All you need is a piece of paper and a pen really. Maybe some scissors. And definitely a scanner to get it to me. Follow these video instructions. They’re easy enough… no?

If you don’t have a scanner to send me your finished product you can MAIL IT TO ME!!! I love mail and this would be the most ideal way of receiving an instant book.

My address is
10838 92 St

Edmonton, Alberta

T5H 1V8

I really would love to see something from you. Really, truly. It doesn’t need to be fancy. My first one was pretty goddamn plain.

Here’s to doing business with you, pal. It’s your future.

-Matt Prins



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